2017 Yellowstone Valley Gives Committees

Exective Committee
McCall Linke – mccall@thenile.org – NILE
Ralph Spence – ralphspence@gmail.com – BCF
Jack Nickels – jacknickels55@gmail.com – BCF
Lisa Olmsted – lisa@ywhc.org – Yellowstone Western Heritage Center
Sylvia Danforth - sdanforth@deapmt.org - Miles City Community Fund

Steering Committee
Morgan Gastineau – vista3@ci.billings.mt.us – Wise Wonders Children’s Museum
Teresa Darnielle – tdarn7@yahoo.com – BCF
Denise Smith – dsmith@montanarescuemission.org – Montana Rescue Mission
Chris Anderson – chrisa.anderson@yvas – Yellowstone Valley Animal Shelter
Kelsey Dwyer – activities.coor@yvas.org – Yellowstone Valley Animal Shelter
McCall Linke – mccall@thenile.org – NILE
Felicia Burg – marketing@familypromiseyv.org – Family Promise
Ralph Spence – ralphspence@gmail.com – BCF
Emilee Meyer – vista@familypromiseyv.org – Family Promise
Jack Nickels – jacknickels55@gmail.com – BCF
Lisa Olmsted – lisa@ywhc.org – Yellowstone Western Heritage Center
Tera Clough – terac@billingsheadstart.org – Billings Head Start
Stephanie Bond – stephanie.bond@sclhs.net - St. Vincent Healthcare
Sylvia Danforth - sdanforth@deapmt.org - Miles City Community Fund
Lisa Laliberte - billingscommunityfoundation@gmail.com - BCF staff

Remembering the fun and headlines from "Giving Day" 2016!

Thank you for your interest in “Yellowstone Valley Gives”
Coming Thursday, May 4, 2017 from midnight to midnight!

What is "Yellowstone Valley Gives"?

Yellowstone Valley Gives is a powerful 24-hour online giving event that connects community members in the Yellowstone Valley area with local nonprofits to reinforce the value of local philanthropic giving and community engagement. It is modeled after other successful "Giving Days" around the country and in Montana.  The Billings Community Foundation is hosting this event in Southeast Montana because BCF serves clients throughtout this area, and we believe it can tap into our region’s long standing passion for giving by bringing together new and existing donors with regional nonprofits.

This is the second year the Billings Community Foundation has hosted a "Giving Day" event, and last year over $34,000 was raised for 61 participating nonprofits.  There are 85 registered nonprofits this year and we believe it is possible to raise $75,000 in 24-hours.  Your participation can help make this a big success!

Yellowstone Valley Gives - 2017 "Articles & Publications"

  5/4/2017 - KYVQ Story - "Yellowstone Valley Gives" event held Thursday
  5/3/2017 - Gazette Article  "Friendly Competition - Yellowstone Valley Gives Targets younger donors..."
4/13/2017 - Stillwater County News "Sponsors sought to show Heart by Backing Yellowstone Valley Gives"
  4/7/2017 - Billings Trailnet "Yellowstone Valley Gives"
3/29/2017 - Hello Montana "Yellowstone valley Gives with Jack Nickels"
3/27/2017 - Community 7 TV "YVG Interview with Jack Nickels, Denise Smith and Ralph Spence"
3/22/2017 - Gazette Article "Nonprofits can sign up to participate in Yellowstone Valley Gives event"
  3/9/2017 - BCF email  "YVG Update for Nonprofits and Sponsors"
  3/7/2017 - Facebook Video https://www.facebook.com/billingscommunityfoundation/videos/1291598474263911/
2/11/2017 - Billings Gazette Guest Opinion "Montana nonprofits gear up for May 4 Giving Day"
  2/8/2017 - BCF Newsletter "YVG General information and Invitatiion to 2/21 "Brown Bag Lunch"

Downloadable Promotional Materials for Participating Nonprofits

GiveGab Downloads (cover photos, Logos, Social Shares and Printables
Participating Nonprofit Poster
Giving Day Volunteer Sign-up list

How can I donate to my favorite nonprofit on May 4th?

1. Give online: Any time after midnight on May 4th, go to www.yellowstonegives.org, learn about the great work of our regional nonprofits, find a cause you care about and click on the donate button!

2. Yellowstone Valley Gives Headquarters: Go to one of the Yellowstone Valley Gives Headquarters and join in the activity there! Make a donation - Buy a “Yellowstone Valley Gives” T-shirt - see the "Once Around the Clock" prize drawings - join in posting Selfies & Videos - sample treats - and possibly enjoy Live Music or a local DJ!

Donor Headquarters:
Midnight to noon - Rock Creek Roasters - (124 N 28th St., Billings)
noon to 6pm - Thirsty Street Brewery - (3008 1st Ave. N., Billings)
6pm to Midnight - Last Chance Cider Mill - (2203 Montana Ave., Billings)

3. Yellowstone Valley Gives Donor Lounges: We are inviting Participants and Sponsors to set up "Donor Lounges" in various locations on May 4th to help make giving fun! At each location we are recommending they have helpful volunteers, laptops or iPads for online giving and possibly incentives for you to give! You can make a donation and join with others celebrating the great work of our local nonprofits. Yellowstone Valley Gives “Donor Lounge” information will be posted on this "Bulletin Board” as we get closer to the time of the event.

Donor Lounge Schedule for Thursday, May 4th
  6am to ???  -  SCRap (Coffee, Donuts, Music, Prizes and "hands on creative project" at: #7 North 18th St)
10am to 1pm – Our Montana & YRPA (swag bags and prizes – at "Our Montana" office at 207 North Broadway)
11am to 2pm - Harper and Madison (Hosted by: Billings Trailnet) Click Billings Trailnet Facebook Event for more info
  2pm to 4pm - Moss Mansion (Open-house style tours, Celebrating Quilts Exhibit, tickets for additional tours with $25 donation)
  4pm to 6pm - NOVA Center for the Performing Arts – (Karaoke event at the theater - 2317 Montana Ave)
  4pm to 6pm - Angry Hanks Micro Brew - 20 N. 30th St. (Hosted by: Billings Artspace Project)
  5pm to 8pm - Yellowstone Valley Brewing Company (Hosted by: Yellowstone Valley Animal Shelter)
  6pm to 8pm - Western Heritage Center "Pints for Preservation" (Trivia night with Angry Hank's Beer)
(send any additions to: jacknickels55@gmail.com)

Who is involved in "Yellowstone Valley Gives"?

The official host is the Billings Community Foundation; however, there are many other volunteers from various nonprofits that are involved in making this a success.  The Executive and Steering Committee members listed below are a great group who have already been meeting and making decisions since December 2016.  Putting on a successful event takes a combined effort and we are grateful for the assistance offered by these regional nonprofit leaders.  We encourage anyone who would like to get invloved to contact Billings Community Foundation, or someone listed below, to see how you can help.