What is the Billings Leadership Network?

The primary purpose of the Billings Leadership Network is to assist students as they develop connections in the community, explore local careers, and take advantage of all that Billings has to offer.  Another goal of the program is to help students as they face future career-minded course selections by enhancing their knowledge of lifestyle expectations related to various for-profit and non- profit businesses in the region.  Mentors in the program are proud of Billings' diverse economy and lifestyle and hope this program will encourage talented young people to consider pursuing careers in Billings after graduation.  Billings is a great city, and the students and graduates of Rocky Mountain College will continue to make it better.

Information and Resources

10/10/2018 - Please fill in the "2018-19 BLN Application Survey" to sign up for a BLN Mentor this academic year that will
    be matched to your area of interest if possible.
8/10/2018 - BLN draft "Outline of 2018-19 Activity" for BLN in the current academic year.  This proposal is subject to
    change as the program goes forward
5/21/2018 - BLN Evaluation Survey Results - Includes rating info from 30% of the participants in the Spring 2018
    Lunches and suggestions for future years.
4/16/2018 - Billings Mentoring and Internship Programs - Describes programs offered by various groups to
                   assist college students in their careers.
  4/9/2018 - Post on BCF Facebook Page - Message thanking Bistecca for there support of this program posted
                   to followers of the Billings Community Foundation.
  4/2/2018 - BLN email to Students - Includes "Mentor Bio Info" and invitation for students to request meetings
                   with other Mentors in the program who have expertise in their area of interest.
2/28/2018 - BLN Initial email to Rocky Faculty - 32 Student participants initially invited through faculty and then by
                   Lisa Wallace and others with personal contacts.
1/18/2018 - BLN Brochure - Distributed at the organizational meeting of Mentors leading to the participation of
                   32 NextGEN (NG) and Seasoned Professiional (SP) Mentors

Contacts: ralphspence@gmail.com & laurenwright@billingscommunityfoundtion.org
Spring 2018 Lunch Schedule and Mentor/Student Teams
(Focus of study indicated by Students)

Wednesday 3/14
(NG) Brian Hafner & (SP) Lauren Wright
Colton Williams - Undecided
Braxton Baniszewski - Aviation
(NG) Sarah Clark & (SP) John Jurist
John Bass
Logan Martin
(NG) Shannon Christensen & (SP) Chris Dimock
Nolan McCafferty - Psychology or Education
Fili Church - Exercise science, coaching
(NG) Kelly McCandless & (SP) Ralph Spence
Kelsey Henscheid - Creative writing, Theatre Performance
Lauren Cornwall - Biology Pre-PA

Thursday 3/15
(NG) Luke Anderson & (SP) Paige Spalding
Jessie Novak - Art, Art Education
Marina Eshelman - Art, Business, Small Business
(NG) Cameron Sapp & (SP) Bill Simmons
Brock Peterson - Football, science for OT Program
Caitlin Chandler - Non-traditional, business, PA
(NG) Jessica Hart & (SP) Greg McDonald
Morgan Myers
Charles Miller
(NG) Sandra Gebhardt & (SP) Bob Wilmouth
Carie Cota - Business Mngm & Art, Communications
Jatimas Sattoriva - Business & communications

Tuesday 3/20
(NG) David Mitchell & (SP) John Felton  (also Braden Crowley)
Dallas Mack - Undeclared
Denton Wetherell – Exercise Science
(NG) Emily Petroff & (SP) Christian Orms
Jessica Meeker - English, Creative writing, Environmental
(NG) Heather Smith & (SP) Dena Johnson (NG) David Mitchell?
Josh Kraft - Business Management
Victoria Baxter - Environmental Science Geology
(NG) Janel Morgan & (SP) Shannon Jensen
Andrew Korf - Business, entrepreneurship
Braden Crowley - Pre-med, Biology

Thursday 3/22
(NG) Andrew Keating & (SP) Chuck Tooley
Max Melfi - Elementary education
Sam Sparks - Management
(NG) Blake Eden & (SP) Melanie Schwarz
Hana Culpepper - Psychology/Communications
Keely Huth  - Biology
(NG) Karen Baumgart & (SP) John Jones
Tanner Bloom – Biology
(NG) Joel Anderson & (SP) Marc Stewart
Chris Wright - Health & Human Performance
Tyler Hilliard – Biology

The Billings Leadership Network

In partnership with BillingsWorks, Billings Chamber NextGen members and the Billings Community Foundation; Rocky Mountain College’s Community Council is offering the Billings Leadership Network program for current Rocky students.

In the Billings Leadership Network program, first- and second-year RMC students will be paired with a member of NextGen and a volunteer community leader. Each semester, students and their community mentors will meet for lunch to discuss academic and professional interests and goals. Mentors will share information about career and networking opportunities throughout Billings.

The Billings Leadership Network Sponsors

RMC Career Services Located in the Bair Family Student Center, RMC Career Services provides guidance to students, assisting them to develop the skills and qualities needed to achieve their educational and professional goals.  Contact RMC Career Services today to learn more about the Billings Leadership Network program! 
P: 406.657.1039  E: careerservices@rocky.edu   http://www.rocky.edu                                                            

Billings Chamber NextGen Network  exists to foster relationships among young professionals, develop business opportunities, support civic involvement, and promote an overall investment in the future of our community. NextGen members are professionals ranging from ages 18-40 who are committed to their own and others' leadership development in order to support Billings. The role of the NextGen member in this program is to bring an up-and-coming perspective to the conversation and support both the students and community leaders in assessing what young professionals need here in Billings.
P: 406.245.4111  E: marcell@billingschamber.com   http://www.billingsnextgen.com/

BillingsWorks, a collaboration of Billings businesses and organizations, is bringing it all together. By anticipating Billings’ workforce needs, BillingsWorks is focused on talent attraction and retention, helping to develop local education that provides the  skills needed for key industries, and engaging the business community in the process.
P: 406.256.6871  E: karen@bigskyeda.com   http://www.billingsworks.org/

The Billings Community Foundation  is a non-profit, tax-exempt, innovative community foundation governed by local citizens promoting philanthropy and charitable giving.  Our Mission is: “To help individual donors and charitable organizations meet the needs of the Greater Yellowstone Region.”
P: 406.839.3334  E: billingscommunityfoundation@gmail.com   http://www.billingscommunityfoundation.org